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  • Apple Chunks 10 Pound Bag
  • Cherry Chunks 10 Pound Bag
  • Hickory Chunks 10 Pound Bag
  • Maple Chunks 10 Pound Bag
  • Oak Chunks 10 Pound Bag
  • Pecan Chunks 10 Pound Bag


Product Description

Working with Argentinian Charcoal Masters, we developed an exclusive blend of three hardwoods so legendary for their density they're called 'Axe Breakers' by locals. That dense wood is then painstakingly roasted in traditional outdoor ovens to create the world's larges, finest lump charcoal.

Instead of an afterthought or inexpensive necessity, we know that charcoal is the very essence of a great outdoor cooking experience. That's why we're so proud to partner with artisans who create all-natural charcoal that burns longer, cleaner and better.